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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No more training wheels!

After an amazing weekend at the Vermont Quilt Festival (will post more on that later!), we started our second week into summer break. If you can call this summer. Rain....rain....wait, more RAIN.....And then today, when it looked pointless to think of anything else, I look outside and there goes Becca on the neighbors bike, WITH NO TRAINING WHEELS!
For everyone current, and those not, Becca has once again showed her true nature. After mastering the trainer (no peddles), we were sure she was ready for that "big girl bike" last summer. But one look at the training wheels and it was like all her confidence went out the door. And then at the beginning of this spring, she discovered one was loose and decided she wouldn't even try it again....sigh. 
So imagine my surprise, to look out the window, and see her zooming by, with no help! Good old Becca...waits forever to do something, and then up and does it like it's last years news!
So here she is, on her bike, no trainers, looking at me like I'm crazy for wanting her picture.

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