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Friday, June 24, 2011


So I would really appreciate some feedback on this one.

Every quilter has something about the process they don't like or are not as strong at. Cutting, picking fabrics, deciding how to quilt the top, pressing seams....mine is basting. I hate it, and it hates me. It is a critical step in the process, especially for hand quilting because if it isn't done right, your top shifts, you get wrinkles in the backing, and worse.

I have tried several methods, and one the one I like the best is pinning with huge safety pins. I have tried running stitches, and the punch gun thing. But what is driving me nuts is that I can fuss and smooth, and banish all living creatures from coming near the work, smooth out the batting and pin the top on, and pick it up....and there's a huge wrinkle going up the middle or some pucker, or whatever. I work on a large carpeted area so masking tape is out. I have tried pinning the backing to the floor first....

Any ideas or tips? PLEASE???? I would love to hear what other quilters do. Tips of the trade, hints, etc.

I understand many have had problems with leaving comments, so feel free to email me at
 jospaena@gmail.com and I will re-post them for all to share.

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