I often claim to have a Quilting "Hobby" in attempts to hide my obsession with fabric and color.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Well, where did a year go? Here it is 2015, and the coldest day yet, and I realized I haven't updated my blog in 9 months. Yikes!  Then, I discovered not only haven't I updated my blog, but that I cannot find my pictures. I got a new iPhone, and I LOVE the camera. But I don't love the iCloud, sharing, or any of that silly business. So, I have to take some time, take lots of pictures, and figure out how to post them where I can then use them. But here's a few, to prove I wasn't a lazy bum the whole year. 

This little gem was an exercise in patience and justification of fabric hoarding. I had all these little square (2 inch) drops, so I made them into a little eclectic lap quilt. 

This is a paper pieced quilt, that my mother sent me the kit for, to convince me how fun paper work it. I can say she's right. And the accuracy is a major bonus. All purple batiks, even the light blocks.
This was my first go at an applique quilt, where the entire focus was the applique work. Fun, but very frustrating. The background fabric is very white and sheer, but once quilted, it will be a very nice  piece.
Omg, what was I thinking? Well, lets see. I had gotten this amazing Go! Cutter for Christmas last year, and thought, well of course Hexies are hard to cut out, so a cutter will make them super easy. To cut. NOT to sew. But again, a great use of my hoarded stash of Batiks that my Mom sends my way. Again, light background won't be so sheer once quilted.

And this is Ginger's surprise Birthday Quilt. Had to tell, but the border is this lush, rich royal purple batik.  She likes Southwestern patterns, and I put my own twist on the colors. 

But I am still missing pictures for several other quilts I made. Off to find them or retake them!