I often claim to have a Quilting "Hobby" in attempts to hide my obsession with fabric and color.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trying something new

So I decided to try something new with my web business.

I am in the process of making several quilts (yes, I do multiple projects at once) and rather than finish them to my design, I am going to make just the quilt tops and then offer the ability for the customer to pick their preference for the backing. Either a solid color/muslin or a flannel. Mmmmm, who doesn't like cuddling up under flannel on a Sunday afternoon for a nap?

Here are the first offerings under my "new" system:

Grand Finale (I don't have a witty name for it). Made from the Fall 2011 Moda Grande Finale line. I will bind it with the Polka dot fabric. Not sure the final size yet, but it will be on the smaller side~ thinking I should probably figure that out, huh?

And then "Spider Webs"!  This is the first "string" quilt I have ever made, and boy has it been fun. Not having to worry about precise cutting. Well, ok, so the background is, but then the scraps just get sliced up and sewn on! This one is going to end up being about 60" sq.

Will post more pictures as I get the tops finished.

Please stop by www.myquiltcorner.com if you haven't already and let me know what you think!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Garden Path"

Here it is!

Garden Path (named by a fellow blogger) is finished and ready to go to it's new home in Canada!

This quilt started out as a need to make a lime green/purple quilt on a black background after I saw an amazing quilt of that very color theme at last summers Quilt Expo. I couldn't get over how well the colors worked together. And as most of my readers know, I pick my fabrics first and then let them pick the pattern. So, true to form, after I had all these amazing cuts of fabrics, I saw this less than exciting pattern that was based on an antique civil war pattern, and poof! Garden Path was born.

I must admit as this went together, I lost my passion for it, and at times even wondered what I was thinking (and was I drinking at the time?) But once the top came together, I realized this was a keeper. And I posted it. And the cries to buy it were stunning. My Canadian pal Veronica had recently let go of a well loved beloved quilt, so she seemed the best recipient, and being a fellow Purple, it was a match well made.

So here it is, with my trademark stripe down the back of some left over front fabrics. The vibrant purple just balanced that loud front out so nicely. I used a rich black thread to do a mirror quilt pattern, following the dimensions of the 9 patch blocks over the entire quilt. And the effect on the back is almost magical. It makes it a nice reversible quilt, I think.

Bound in one last bright lime green, this is a huge quilt. A nice 86"x92", my machine and I were challenged to get all that quilting done. But well worth it.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Winter Flying Geese

"Winter Flying Geese" is officially done. 68"x68" makes it a PERFECT nap quilt.

I have done Flying Geese blocks before in a quilt, but never as the primary block. This was a fun adventure for many reasons. It was pattern-less, got rid of some of those "what was I thinking" fabrics, and had almost no waste because I used the drops to form the border.

Let me tell you, shoving 400 some pairs of those tiny little triangle drops can be both theraputic and mind numbing. I did an echo stitch in a lime-ish green thread and then did a pretty scrolling heart shaped leaf pattern on the borders. It has a super soft cuddly mint green flannel backing and I machine bound it with a little blue drop I had lying around. Not a bad way to make a dent in the stash. I am posting it for sale on my website if anyone is interested, and the full material contents are listed there as well.

 Feel free to come peek, and send your friends too! The more traffic I get, the more quilts I can make and sell! (sorry for the plug, but hey, I gotta get the word out!)
My Quilt Corner

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sharing a "Mom Antidote"- (Non-quilt post)

I am sick.

I have "little kid sick".  Meaning, I volunteer at my youngest school twice a week, and my immune system has freaked out over the exposure to the collective pool of little kid cooties. Any parent and or teacher knows this phenomenon as the "back to school sick" but since I started volunteering after Christmas break, it's just the "little kid sick". My head hurts, I'm sneezing, coughing, can't sleep at night, sleep all day. But, being mom, I can't stay in bed. Hell no! The house would burn down. My kids would go to school in their bathing suits, or at least dirty clothes, without lunch packed. And the teenager would over sleep and "miss the bus". So I get up, cranky, and send them to school. And since I'm up, I drink my coffee, get online, look at my to-do pile of quilts, play on the phone, and remember all the other things I needed to get done.

So, feeling enough human to meet my obligations, I go to my daughters school yesterday. My nose is red, I sound like I just had vocal cord surgery, but hey, I'm here! Walking into the classroom I am met with the precious sounds of "Mrs Booooster, you'er here....wow you look bad!". My daughters teacher smiles and thanks me for coming in. And then this little one comes over, and taps me on the hip. He's as cute as they come, with a little lisp and big eyes. In his hand he's holding two q-tips, and one of them is....well....shiny.  The class is making snow creatures with paper and buttons and stuff. He holds up his q-tips in my face and says to me,    

   "Msss Boooster, you know what? These sticks are good for all sorts of things...snowman whiskers, swords, and picking my nose!"

And I wonder why I'm sick.