I often claim to have a Quilting "Hobby" in attempts to hide my obsession with fabric and color.

Friday, April 13, 2012

New Tops and more Puppy Quilts

Ok. It's April already? I can say for once I have neglected my blog because I have been busy with quilts. And checking out a new fabric store. Well, sort of new. "Stitched" is a cute store that carries a lot of bright and crazy lines, and they just moved from a small store front to their own building. So cute!

Anyway, the last two weeks have brought 3 more Puppy quilts, and 2 finished quilt tops. I think I found a very dangerous new past time. Making tops satisfies so many instant gratifications, but I know it will come back to bite me someday when I find myself suddenly faced with quilting and binding 20 some projects.....oh well.

So here is the latest puppy quilt....same front, different (ugly) back. Dogs are color blind, so it's all good.

Next is my McCalls Mystery Quilt. I have never done one before, but it got my attention. I have to admit I was not fond of the blocks and had no idea how it would come together, but hey, not bad. It was a nice way to bust some stash and try something different. It's a very generous throw size, and I think I will back it with flannel to promote the whole cuddly Sunday nap idea.

And then there is my pretty take on a classic Buckeye. I used the strip tube ruler method (thank you momma for the new ruler!!!) and used fat quarters and broadcloth unbleached muslin for the front to give it a slightly antique-ish look. Not sure how to quilt it....ditch stitch or a random stipple? I am most proud of my tweak to the border. I wanted to carry the design to the edge but also wanted a finished look, so I combined a few left over blocks and sashing, and whala!

Not much else to say. Two quilt tops and a 3 puppy quilts in a little under 2 weeks....not bad! And did I mention I am already cutting out the next project?????