I often claim to have a Quilting "Hobby" in attempts to hide my obsession with fabric and color.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Projects and questions.

As usual, I have dropped off from blogging, because truth be told, I'm just not a writer. I sew. I create, I cook, and I am a mom. But I didn't realize how much I dislike writing, especially about myself. But my mom reminded me that it is her way of seeing my work, my progress. 

So, I am keeping "Kayla's Wedding Quilt" a secret a little longer ( I want her to be he one to show it off at the wedding, and send pictures I can include I'm my post). But I have been busy with other projects. Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville put out a very fun mystery quilt back over Thanksgiving. Loving her work, and knowing I need to challenge myself to get better at my craft, I decided to play along. But, I wasn't thrilled with the suggested colors. So I tweaked the colors slightly, and started into the mystery. And the final project was very nice. So nice, that my husband was smitten with it. So I dedicated it to him, and decided to add it to our personal collection. Seems I often keep more than I sell. Oh well.

The overall size is perfect for naps. And I decided rather than buying fabric just for backing, I would use what I had on hand. It was funny because I had two pieces but neither was enough. So I sewed them side by side, then cut it in half and rotated on half, to create a giant four patch.  I decided to do a FMQ of a wave/scallop. It's neat how it disappears on the print, and shows on the solid. Bobbin thread was purple, and top thread a neutral cream. I'm still learning how to keep my tension even so I don't get eyelashes on the back, but thankfully, Brian isn't a quilt show judge, and he knows it's the front that matters....

Another project I tackled was the daunting hexagon. I got an AccuQuilt Go! for Christmas and a Hexie die. These are so pretty, but not a ton of fun to sew. I used equilateral triangles to turn the blocks into diamonds so I could strip piece them. But even the act of sewing the rows together caused some cussing and tears. Not for OCD prown quilters.

New (untitled) project. Batik hexies w eq. Triangles.
Having a hard time figuring out how to quilt it. Some thoughts that come to mind are a geometric or floral pattern in each Hexie w a simple outline in each triangle. Of course my oldest has already declared this "her" quilt.  Would love some suggestions from fellow crafters. I am inclined towards geometric themes since the quilt itself is very angular. 

And as usual, I'm already moving on. Another Bonnie Hunter quilt! I am doing one of her classics, a called " My Blue Heaven" because I have always wanted to do a two color quilt.  
More to come later...... Happy Spring everyone!