I often claim to have a Quilting "Hobby" in attempts to hide my obsession with fabric and color.

Friday, August 9, 2013

One quilt turned into two

Back in February, our family went on a much needed Disney trip. Part of the trip was also to see my momma in Tallahassee. She had a quilt that she had started and decided she didn't want to finish....her kitties thought the quilt laid out on the floor was an invitation to play on. So, she sent it home with me, pre-cut, basic units sewn, with the layout directions. I didn't care much for the pattern, but loved the colors. (Will post pictures once it's quilted)

And in my fabric hording ways, I decided to take all the little drops (flying geese corners) and make then into another little table/wall quilt.
 The final project is about 40 inches square.

This was my first attempt at both Feathers and a "bubble" border which I think turned out very nicely.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Our New Floor!!!!

Ok, I am SUPER long over due for Quilt Blogging, but this is a big deal.....
We finally took the leap and had our entire linoleum flooring replaced on the first level. This area included the mudroom, first floor bath, closet, kitchen, and dining area. The flooring was 20+ years old, builder cheapy from the previous owners. It was cracking, stained, moldy in places, and just worn out.

For some time now Brian and I have been going back and forth over tile, wood, or laminate. With kids, dogs, cats, and the use of the areas (water, cooking, high traffic, eating) we knew it had to take a LOT of abuse. We had almost settled on laminate when I saw the coolest post on tile that "looks like wood". Instantly, we were pretty hooked. My in-laws had just had their flooring repaired, so they could recommend a good installer. 

* Here is where I have to plug Mark Robert of Bolton Vermont. If anyone in the greater Burlington area needs a good tile/flooring guy, contact me for his info!*

Once we secured Mark, and our tile, we set a date and Voila!!!! NEW FLOOR!  Now it was a pain in the rear to be without a stove, microwave, garage access, access to the porch for the dogs, dining in the living room on paper plates, etc, but man is the final floor worth it!!!

So, here's the tour starting with the BEFORE floor:

 Dining and Kitchen areas before.

Mudroom and Bathroom Before (the wall paper is next to go....)


 Dining and Kitchen after.

Mudroom and Bathroom after.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Crochet and Quilts

As I wrote in my last post, I have been working on multiple projects. Typical me.  And after that last post, I decided to make a detour and add a project.

All the rage right now is with embellishing crafts with crochet trim. I have been an avid crocheter for about a year now, having made 5 bed size blankets, and gobbling up all the books I can find. I love my Addi hooks, and thought it was time to challenge myself to the lace/trim aspect of the craft.  Pulling out of my donated stash some floral fabric, I decided to try my hand at the pillowcase with crochet trim. I decided on a standard queen size pillowcase (22x34) and then embellished it. It was so much fun, and so easy (a single night project) that I am thinking of making more....can someone say Christmas gifts????

 On another note, I have discovered that I LOVE working with small pieces of fabric to make lap size quilts. I mean, who doesn't like to reach up and pull a cuddly quilt down for a nap on the couch? This one was made with leftovers from 4+ previous projects. I started with 2 inch squares and, using Bonnie Hunter's Leaders and Enders method, had enough color/cream combos to run away with this impromptu 4 square quilt. To make it just a bit larger, I added a border of all colored squares.  The final project is made up of 1156 squares!

What a blast!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Checking in

I must once again apologize for my negligence of my blog. I wanted so badly to have the discipline to write daily, or at least weekly. And it seems at best I'm writing monthly right now.

I have several projects on the board, and being client quilts, I can't post them until they are in the hands of the new owner.

My other projects ('cause any one that knows me knows I can't stick to just one, or two projects) include a 2" square scrap quilt that is going to be a cute lap warmer, a crochet blanket that I get one or two rows done  at any sitting, my Amish Twist quilt, and the amazing pillow project I just finished up with Becca's class.

AND if that wasn't enough, we are in the final haul towards summer break. Aerik has healed very nicely from his Tonsil/Adnoidectomy. He is going to be in HS this fall, and I don't know where the time went. Becca is going to be a 2nd grader but has all the attitude of a pre-teen already. And I am still in the confusing process of sorting out the cause of my Migraines, though the Neurologist is thinking I might have Fibromyalgia. She is treating some of my headache issues as if they were a result of my TMJ (a common issue with Fibro. patients) and my IBS (another coomon issue of Fibro.)

But regardless of the outcome, I am still a fabric hording, multiple UFO kinda gal, just trying to keep up with the kiddos!

Next post, PICTURES!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Half Square Triangles!

Well, having grown bored with squares, but not yet ready for curves, I decided to take on the mysterious Half Square Triangle.  I found a pattern called North by Northwest and decided with a color change up to make my own version.

I pulled from my Batik stash to make this in Blues, Greens, Purples, Browns, and a few Mulberry. It called for 1100 HST blocks, and I think I ended up using just about 900 of them. That is a lot of pressing time.

My plan is to back it with a soft flannel in blue. It's a nice lap size, good for naps.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Calypso in Earth tones

I realized I never posted my other Christmas Client Quilt. This one was ordered by someone as a gift to her son and daughter-in-law.

She printed off the picture of Ritas Quilt (Calypso in Fire tones) and said, that it needed to be in Earth tones. When I asked about the space it would be going in, she replied that she wasn't sure, because she thought they might be redecorating. The only other given criteria was that it be as large as possible....her son does the "Crocodile Roll" as we call it in the north. You know, the grab of the cover, tuck under the chin, and roll! And her DIL was tired of always having to tug back to be warm.

So I ran with it. My favorite part, picking the fabrics, was a breeze. But cutting that much fabric...holy cow! And then to the machine I went. It's the easiest 2 block quilt, but making sure you lay out the rows right is the key.

Once this monster was made, I had to shove it under my machine. She wasn't looking for intricate quilting but rather a stitch that could hold up to tug of war, cats, and frequent washing. Simple, as stitch the ditch/frame combo did the trick, and was machine friendly.

I think the final quilt was a looker, and I added a little decorative vine quilting to the border. And when the pictures came back from the happy recipient, you would have sworn the quilt was made KNOWING the colors of the space.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Custom Addi Case

This is my chance to brag, scream praise, and advertise for a fellow crafter.

While the name of my blog is My QUILT Corner, I have become a closet addict of Crochet. Really.
So much so, that for my last birthday, all I wanted was an iPad so I could sit in bed at night after the family was asleep and YouTube Crochet videos.

I re-learned it, and then learned some things I never knew before. And let me tell you, like quilting, crochet opens a whole new world of obsessions.....hooks, yarn, books, doodads...And I made the mistake of wandering into the local yarnsnobshop. You know, the one that would NEVER sell anything you could find at JoAnns or Michaels. And they had these oh so cool hooks. Addi Swing Crochet Hooks. OMG. Ergonomic, warms in your hand, made of the smoothest stainless steel. (googly eyes). And they are NOT cheap! So, I asked for the set of the first 11 for Christmas....and I GOT THEM!

Now being a relatively new item, there is NOTHING on the market to protect these little treasures. I searched the web, hit all the stores, even considered making my own. I mean, I am a quilter, so how hard could it be? But like we all know, if it's something you do everyday, it's not likely you will do it for yourself....or at least not anytime soon. So, while I was trolling the internet for ideas anyway, I came across this listing for a makeup/brush/pencil case on Etsy by a little shop called The Giving Tree.

I saw a little button for click for custom orders.....

I asked if she could modify a bag for my hooks and make it purple....


I love it! And it was just what I wanted. And it fits my 11 hooks perfectly. And it's purple. And it was so affordable.

If you crochet, if you have these hooks, might get these hooks, or have anything you want in a gorgeous, custom, portable, affordable case....contact Penny Sperry @ www.thegivingtree.etsy.com

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Granny Blankies

Look! 2nd day in a row I have managed to post something! It's a new year baby!

As I mentioned in a previous blog, last summer I decided to "tech" myself crochet. I have knitted scarves, hats, and pillows for years, but found it a little bleh. I dappled a time or two in crochet, but really, found it's a little tricky to learn from pictures of other people's hands in books.

So last summer when I got an iPad for my birthday, I pulled up that nasty YouTube, searched Crochet, and "poof" a whole new hobby was born. Now I will state up front I will NEVER make anything that can be considered clothing, but lace edging, dishtowels, blankets, scarves, what FUN!

In addition to all the little things I have tried, I have made now 3 full size granny blankies (one for each kid) and a ripple blanket for myself. Here are the grannies:
This is Tori's and the colors she picked.

Becca's in BRIGHT rainbows.

And Aerik's in "boy" colors.

I made them all with the Carron Simply soft yarn and boy are they cuddly soft. I find that Crochet is the perfect end of the day activity while watching a little tv. A switch from the sewing machine, and still portable.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Allison's Quilt

I know I'm working backwards here, but after neglecting this blog for more than 2 months, I figured it was just better to start somewhere.

Just as I finished up my last clients quilt before Christmas, I got the most amazing email from the wonderful woman we got Blue from. Turns out a dear lifelong friend of hers had been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. Her and a group of friends had seen this amazing YouTube video on a comfort blanket given to a cancer patient. They wanted to know if I could do something like that for them. Of course I jumped on it, and told them that a tumbler block quilt would be a perfect pattern, with some plain fabric blocks that could be written on with a fabric pen.

After finding out her favorite colors (PINK and blue), I scooted right over to the fabric store to find the softest flannel I could for the backing. Emails and Facebook group page gave me the names and messages to add, and in just under two weeks, a very special quilt was in the hands of the USPS to be delivered to a much deserving woman.

The experience had such an effect on me. To be honored with the trust of these people to make just the right quilt for such a dear friend. To be able to put my love and attention into something that would bring comfort and warmth to someone so deserving. I made this quilt my gift, and found it made the Christmas season just that much more special.