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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Past Lap Quilts

Well, here's the real reason I started this blog. To share my quilts. I have spent a lot of time reading books, magazines, and other people's website. And it seems like everything else in the world, there are hundreds of thoughts on the same topic. Some say you shouldn't use flannel for backing, or always match your thread material to your fabric content. What batting to use, which way to stitch a quilt. And what I have found is.....it's all personal choice.

This first quilt is based off the basic tumbler block. I decided to experiment, and ultimately used a rotary cutter and found an angle I liked. Great way to use up some of those funky prints from the stash....

I scalloped the two edges and straight finished the other two. Hand stitched in the ditch with a clear thread.

And finished with some print I had in the "big bin". This is where I keep the larger yardage cuts. Who knows when or even what I bought that fabric for, but it worked out nicely.

Another quilt I made freehand what this square/paired rectangle quilt. I miscounted the squares I would need so instead of eliminating an entire row, I decided to be quirky and make it with notched corners.

Quilted mid row on a wave again with a clear thread, and backed with a pale lemon flannel. This is a quilt that is always on the couch!

And finally (for this post), a goofy little quilt I made from my mother's scraps. She is the reason for my new found passion for Batiks. It's all her fault- that's my story and Im sticking to it! She made a beautiful stained glass quilt and sent me home with all her drops. I couldn't resist the colors but had no idea what I would do with them.

I saw a pattern in one of my favorite magazines "Quilts and More" and thought that it would make a nice adaptation, but after fudging around with the yardage, I realized the only thing the quilt and the pattern had in common was the cuts. This was one of the first times I hand stitched a quilt in a white thread and didn't follow either the seams (in the ditch) or a pattern. Instead, I stitched squares on the point. It's a little odd, but again, for a lap quilt, it works. Backed with a gorgeous Brain Coral Batik out of the Big Bin, it's a nice eclectic quilt. 

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