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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Sew" much news!

I promised myself I would stay with this, but it's hard! I am in such awe of bloggers that can do this every day!
Ok, as the title of the blog states, lot's of news on the home front. First off, I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday weekend.
Last weekend (June 25th), my wonderful hubby showed what a sport he is and went with me to the HUGE Vermont Quilt Festival (www.VQF.org). We pawned the kids off and went for almost 3 hours. Fabric everywhere, machines, ideas...and tons of display quilts. I got to see several long arms in action and got inspired to try many new things. It also gave me a much needed opportunity to see in person several different machines.
After killing my 2nd Brother, I decided it was time to start researching and consider buying my first "big girl" machine. I still have my mother's hand-me-down Elna SU 62, but that thing needs a vintage license plate to be used!
After drooling, oogling, and many late nights on the internet, I narrowed it down to Pfaff and Janome. And off I went to see them both in Middlebury!

2 hours later, like a proud huntress, I dragged home my prize....My new Janome MC6600P. 

Oh do I love this machine!!!! Knee life, Auto thread cutter, HUGE extension table, 10 feet, AccuFeed, and oodles of onboard stitches and 2 alphabets (including foreign symbols I've never seen before!). It also has a 10 inch neck so pushing a queen size quilt through this will be tight but doable. Machine quilting, here I come!!!!
Maggie likes sitting up with me, keeping guard both inside and out.....
while Lilly just sleeps the day away....saving up her energy for the late night feet attack!

*** I have to do a little plug here and tell my reader(s) that if you are in the New England area, looking for great fabric, wonderful people, and superior machines, check out The Quilter's Corner at http://www.middleburysewnvac.com/.  I spent 2 hours there, learned a lot, walked away with a steal, and classes coming out my nose.***

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  1. Congratulations on your new baby! I have one and love it!!! That machine is the best. I used to fmq all my quilts on it. Enjoy!! :-)


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