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Monday, January 7, 2013

Allison's Quilt

I know I'm working backwards here, but after neglecting this blog for more than 2 months, I figured it was just better to start somewhere.

Just as I finished up my last clients quilt before Christmas, I got the most amazing email from the wonderful woman we got Blue from. Turns out a dear lifelong friend of hers had been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. Her and a group of friends had seen this amazing YouTube video on a comfort blanket given to a cancer patient. They wanted to know if I could do something like that for them. Of course I jumped on it, and told them that a tumbler block quilt would be a perfect pattern, with some plain fabric blocks that could be written on with a fabric pen.

After finding out her favorite colors (PINK and blue), I scooted right over to the fabric store to find the softest flannel I could for the backing. Emails and Facebook group page gave me the names and messages to add, and in just under two weeks, a very special quilt was in the hands of the USPS to be delivered to a much deserving woman.

The experience had such an effect on me. To be honored with the trust of these people to make just the right quilt for such a dear friend. To be able to put my love and attention into something that would bring comfort and warmth to someone so deserving. I made this quilt my gift, and found it made the Christmas season just that much more special.


  1. Indeed a labor of love! Turned out beautiful, too!

  2. What a special project! And, what a treat to be able to help these ladies be a comfort to their friend! Nice work!


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