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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Custom Addi Case

This is my chance to brag, scream praise, and advertise for a fellow crafter.

While the name of my blog is My QUILT Corner, I have become a closet addict of Crochet. Really.
So much so, that for my last birthday, all I wanted was an iPad so I could sit in bed at night after the family was asleep and YouTube Crochet videos.

I re-learned it, and then learned some things I never knew before. And let me tell you, like quilting, crochet opens a whole new world of obsessions.....hooks, yarn, books, doodads...And I made the mistake of wandering into the local yarnsnobshop. You know, the one that would NEVER sell anything you could find at JoAnns or Michaels. And they had these oh so cool hooks. Addi Swing Crochet Hooks. OMG. Ergonomic, warms in your hand, made of the smoothest stainless steel. (googly eyes). And they are NOT cheap! So, I asked for the set of the first 11 for Christmas....and I GOT THEM!

Now being a relatively new item, there is NOTHING on the market to protect these little treasures. I searched the web, hit all the stores, even considered making my own. I mean, I am a quilter, so how hard could it be? But like we all know, if it's something you do everyday, it's not likely you will do it for yourself....or at least not anytime soon. So, while I was trolling the internet for ideas anyway, I came across this listing for a makeup/brush/pencil case on Etsy by a little shop called The Giving Tree.

I saw a little button for click for custom orders.....

I asked if she could modify a bag for my hooks and make it purple....


I love it! And it was just what I wanted. And it fits my 11 hooks perfectly. And it's purple. And it was so affordable.

If you crochet, if you have these hooks, might get these hooks, or have anything you want in a gorgeous, custom, portable, affordable case....contact Penny Sperry @ www.thegivingtree.etsy.com

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