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Friday, July 19, 2013

Our New Floor!!!!

Ok, I am SUPER long over due for Quilt Blogging, but this is a big deal.....
We finally took the leap and had our entire linoleum flooring replaced on the first level. This area included the mudroom, first floor bath, closet, kitchen, and dining area. The flooring was 20+ years old, builder cheapy from the previous owners. It was cracking, stained, moldy in places, and just worn out.

For some time now Brian and I have been going back and forth over tile, wood, or laminate. With kids, dogs, cats, and the use of the areas (water, cooking, high traffic, eating) we knew it had to take a LOT of abuse. We had almost settled on laminate when I saw the coolest post on tile that "looks like wood". Instantly, we were pretty hooked. My in-laws had just had their flooring repaired, so they could recommend a good installer. 

* Here is where I have to plug Mark Robert of Bolton Vermont. If anyone in the greater Burlington area needs a good tile/flooring guy, contact me for his info!*

Once we secured Mark, and our tile, we set a date and Voila!!!! NEW FLOOR!  Now it was a pain in the rear to be without a stove, microwave, garage access, access to the porch for the dogs, dining in the living room on paper plates, etc, but man is the final floor worth it!!!

So, here's the tour starting with the BEFORE floor:

 Dining and Kitchen areas before.

Mudroom and Bathroom Before (the wall paper is next to go....)


 Dining and Kitchen after.

Mudroom and Bathroom after.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I will have to post soon w/pics of our new massive remodel. We still have to replace baseboards and paint. We replaced ALL of our tile in the house and totally gutted my kitchen. I am tremendously excited for you!!!!! I can also relate to the major inconveniences that y'all dealt with.

  2. Thank you T! I can't wait to see all your pictures...I know your project is much larger than mine and has been going on for quite a bit longer. Pictures!!!!

  3. It's been awhile since I stopped by your blog. Your new floor looks lovely. Enjoy!


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