I often claim to have a Quilting "Hobby" in attempts to hide my obsession with fabric and color.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tammy and Jason's "wedding" quilt

I realized in looking back through my pictures, that I hadn't explained the one I use as my header, and as my FB id. This quilt is made from two blocks: Jacob's Ladder, and the Buckeye. It worked out to be roughly 64"x64". A generous throw, small bed cover.

 I first saw it as the featured quilt in one of my many magazines, and loved the country cuddly look. And since it was fat quarter friendly, I decided it was time to clean out that drawer of some fabric. Yeah....right. Nice story, isn't it?

I went a little more for the bright and jewel tone colors from my "big cut" stash, and was thrilled with the collective. But man was it a lot of cut, sew, press, cut, press, sew....
My only regret is not getting a close up of the hand quilting. I used a white thread and did a modified shadow stitch around the main pattern, with a traveling outline stitch into some of the background fabric.  I swore this was it, never doing it again....and I now have a bag with the next round of fabrics set aside for the quilt I "won't " be making again....


  1. i can't believe no one has made a comment on this stunningly beautiful quilt!!

    i want to make one now too!!!

  2. Gorgeous! Saw the picture at the top of your blog, and had to find the post about it. Awesome. Love the colors, love the pattern.


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