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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Been kinda quiet...

So, I haven't been much motivated to post lately. I didn't realize how hard it is to talk to yourself. Several of my pals have stopped by, but no comments, no followers...sniff sniff.

Anyway, in the interest of staying active and being committed to this whole blog thing, I'm breaking a cardinal rule and posting that I'm going on vacation. I'm taking Rhi's quilt with me (I am finishing the boarder quilting, and hope to have it ready to bind when we return!!!!), my nook, lots of sun screen, and yes, the kids.  I hope to take part of a day and go see the AMAZING Keepsake Quilting and Patternworks in person. And I am even taking money....yay!!! Fabric, here I come!

Also, I have just finished another quilt top, and this time I took my husbands advice and took pictures along the way to show a "progression" of the process. These are the main blocks.
  And the flying geese units.

The main units coming together. This was a chance for me to use up some of that REALLY old fabric I had in my stash, while making it look "younger" with newer fabrics.

Not too bad when they come together....

First just the top...a little ho hum.

And then the top once the batik border and the outer border are added. I love how the flying geese are NOT symmetrical in placement. 

Close up of the black-on-mottled batik border. This is a blend of batiks, and "classic" prints. The oldest had a date of 1994 on the selvage, and then the red multi print I bought just a few months ago. What doesn't show up in this picture is the gold fleck detail. It gives the quilt just a little sparkle. Lots of fun. I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but all the half squares that came from the main blocks I sewed and pressed and will put on the back as a border...a Quiltville "waste not"!

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