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Monday, October 22, 2012

Robyn's Quilts

Well, I am going to gamble here that the Parents of the kiddo's I made these quilts for don't read my blog....

I finally finished up the Two Christmas Quilts that Robyn commissioned from me, and the two Blue's Blankets made from their scraps for her beloved pups.

This was a real fun commission because I was given full creative license so to speak. She told me the gender, age, and favorite colors of each child and off I went. I decided it would be fun to make them different enough to be unique to each child, but stay within a similar theme (geometric)

The pink and purple if for her Niece.  I quilted it in a double 4 leaf flower pattern that gave a neat optical illusion of broken circles.

 The blues and green is for her Nephew. That one was more of a rambling free hand with looped ribbons down intermittently. I used Sulky for that shiny detail...what an adventure. That stuff loves to snarl and break at the least opportune time. But the results are stunning!

And of course two little blankies (more pad size I think) for the pups!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I know they will treasure them for years to come! Beautiful work!

  2. Both my niece and nephew LOVED the quilts. My brother said once they got home that both kids gravitated towards the quilts and have been curling up in them all over the house!


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