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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sharing a "Mom Antidote"- (Non-quilt post)

I am sick.

I have "little kid sick".  Meaning, I volunteer at my youngest school twice a week, and my immune system has freaked out over the exposure to the collective pool of little kid cooties. Any parent and or teacher knows this phenomenon as the "back to school sick" but since I started volunteering after Christmas break, it's just the "little kid sick". My head hurts, I'm sneezing, coughing, can't sleep at night, sleep all day. But, being mom, I can't stay in bed. Hell no! The house would burn down. My kids would go to school in their bathing suits, or at least dirty clothes, without lunch packed. And the teenager would over sleep and "miss the bus". So I get up, cranky, and send them to school. And since I'm up, I drink my coffee, get online, look at my to-do pile of quilts, play on the phone, and remember all the other things I needed to get done.

So, feeling enough human to meet my obligations, I go to my daughters school yesterday. My nose is red, I sound like I just had vocal cord surgery, but hey, I'm here! Walking into the classroom I am met with the precious sounds of "Mrs Booooster, you'er here....wow you look bad!". My daughters teacher smiles and thanks me for coming in. And then this little one comes over, and taps me on the hip. He's as cute as they come, with a little lisp and big eyes. In his hand he's holding two q-tips, and one of them is....well....shiny.  The class is making snow creatures with paper and buttons and stuff. He holds up his q-tips in my face and says to me,    

   "Msss Boooster, you know what? These sticks are good for all sorts of things...snowman whiskers, swords, and picking my nose!"

And I wonder why I'm sick.

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  1. I feel your pain. I think I got my latest 'little kid illness' from my daughter. Did it bother her as bad? Are you kidding!! Get well soon, girl!!


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