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Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Garden Path"

Here it is!

Garden Path (named by a fellow blogger) is finished and ready to go to it's new home in Canada!

This quilt started out as a need to make a lime green/purple quilt on a black background after I saw an amazing quilt of that very color theme at last summers Quilt Expo. I couldn't get over how well the colors worked together. And as most of my readers know, I pick my fabrics first and then let them pick the pattern. So, true to form, after I had all these amazing cuts of fabrics, I saw this less than exciting pattern that was based on an antique civil war pattern, and poof! Garden Path was born.

I must admit as this went together, I lost my passion for it, and at times even wondered what I was thinking (and was I drinking at the time?) But once the top came together, I realized this was a keeper. And I posted it. And the cries to buy it were stunning. My Canadian pal Veronica had recently let go of a well loved beloved quilt, so she seemed the best recipient, and being a fellow Purple, it was a match well made.

So here it is, with my trademark stripe down the back of some left over front fabrics. The vibrant purple just balanced that loud front out so nicely. I used a rich black thread to do a mirror quilt pattern, following the dimensions of the 9 patch blocks over the entire quilt. And the effect on the back is almost magical. It makes it a nice reversible quilt, I think.

Bound in one last bright lime green, this is a huge quilt. A nice 86"x92", my machine and I were challenged to get all that quilting done. But well worth it.


  1. Really nice color scheme - and I'm a sucker for any nine patch quilt. :)


  2. Yummy colors! I love how the black just makes them pop.

  3. Bold but beautiful! I love how the colours play with each other and that the black just makes everything pop.


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