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Friday, December 2, 2011

Thoughts on EQ 7?

I know this seems like a filler blog post, but I am genuinely curious what other quilters think of EQ 7 and it's companion softwares.

Years ago when I started really getting into quilting, I got EQ4 and the Stash companion. I am computer savvy, but the combination of new quilter/new to design software, I crashed and burned. I was overwhelmed, and confused.

Jump ahead 15 years and I am curious again. And braver. I see so many patterns in the magazines and on other beautiful blogs, and I obsess over fabric enough, doodling ideas, etc.

So my simple question is: Is it worth the investment? Is it user friendly?  The two must haves I seek is a yardage tool, and a cutting guide. I HATE to waste fabric with bad drops and poorly planned cuts. HATE IT!!!!

Please please please pipe up! I want to know what other quilters think!!!!

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