I often claim to have a Quilting "Hobby" in attempts to hide my obsession with fabric and color.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quilting? At Christmas time.

Once again I have fallen behind on my goal to blog daily, or even weekly. But I have a GOOD reason right now. I don't have time! Whew....I said it. I mean really? Christmas time....the tree, the decorations, the (LATE)cards, the cookies, the shopping, the wrapping, and in my case, the SECRET keeping!!! No wonder I need naps.

If you know me, you know I can keep a life altering secret. I can keep those things told in confidence to myself. But presents? OMG.....I blab like a kid on santas lap. And not because I can't shut up. Just because I'm so excited to see how excited the recipient will be.

So I have this project I started. Another WIP that I couldn't tell you exactly when it began. I was inspired by a beautiful quilt at this summers big quilt fair. Purples and bright lime greens. And nestled in black trimming to bring it all together. Then I saw this pattern. Only problem was it was made with Civil War reproductions. Nice, but not my thing. So, one idea messed with another, and I came up with this:

It's going to be big. It's up on the design wall. 

So of the prints are a bit loud, but as it comes together, the quiet ones call down the hyper ones.

One thing I like about this quilt is that after an initial burst of crazy cut,sew,press,repeat it's now going together in rows. I lay out an entire row, sew, press, and attach.

oh, I almost forgot......My "new" year started a little earlier than expected this month when I left my job of 2 1/2 years to start focusing on what I really love....Quilting and Fabric. I am currently building my website, and hope to be ready to launch My Quilt Corner store in late January 2012.  I will keep my blog as a way to reach out to family,. friends, and new clients. So keep coming back for updates.
On that note, I wish everyone a happy Holiday Season. I hope that 2012 brings good health and many memorable moments.


  1. I like the loud prints and the color combination is awesome! Have a blessed Christmas...I hope you can keep it all a surprise ;)

  2. Good luck with the website and store. Anxious to see it up.


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