I often claim to have a Quilting "Hobby" in attempts to hide my obsession with fabric and color.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lone Star (done for now)

Here it is! The Mom and Me Lone Star (as I call it) TOP is done.

And for extra measure, I decided to learn on the fly how to miter borders. What an adventure. Mark, pin, sew. Curse. Seam rip, re-mark, re-pin, re-sew, sigh, decide it is handmade and should have flaws to make it more personable.

I have learned that sewing at a 3.0 stitch length is the smartest idea in the world. It makes pulling stitches out sooooo much easier. And so does having a drink on hand. Just kidding. After the first corner I just Miterelle'd it. (If I can make up words, I can make up new methods too!)

Ultimately, I am really pleased with how it turned out. The fabric choice is great and the seams all lined up. I think the person that wrote the directions was a little loopy when it came to counting, but I have learned over the years that directions=suggestions.

And as you can see, it is all Lilly approved too!


  1. I think it turned out great. Can't wait to see how it will look once it's quilted.

  2. Nice job.... Look fabulous!!


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