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Friday, September 23, 2011

Mom and Me Lone Star

As I posted in my last (pathetic) blog, my mom came for her first visit to Vermont since the wedding. Because it was a quick trip last time, and SNOWING, my mom didn't get to see where I call home. So this time, she came for a week, and we had a blast.
The idea of the trip all started when I mentioned that for a college educated quilter, I felt sub-stupid when it came to Paper Piecing. Now, keep in mind, I have NEVER taken a sewing class (unless you consider my failed attempt at Home Sciences in 7th grade) and all the quilting I have done has been trial and error on my own with books, magazines, and patient friends. Last year, my mother sent me two stuffed priority boxes full of Batiks and two paper piecing patterns. I read the directions, and figured it would be a cold day somewhere before I figured that out. In the drawer they went. So when she sent ANOTHER kit up, this time a fusable pieced one, I owned up to being too stupid for any of it. And poof! She had ticket to Vermont!!!!!
In true addict style, I scooped her up from the airport, and we made a straight shot to our local quality quilt shop. And picked out the fabrics for the "Lone Star" pattern she sent me.

Now, besides basting, I consider the other evil of sewing to be cutting the fabric. And I discovered after all these years, that my mother LOVES to cut fabric. Tedious, boring, repetitive....but she loves it, so I gave her the fabric, cutting mat, cutter, pattern, and off she went.
At this point I am feeling like I really made out. And then the fun began. Did I forget to mention that she also brought up with her some scraps, and paper piecing leftovers and while she cut, I learned how to do paper piecing. Not bad, not hard. But like cutting, it's tedious, boring, and VERY repetitive. But the outcome is stunning, and well worth it. I realize now that if one is going to submit to a paper piecing project, junky movies or tv is a MUST for background noise.

Back to the project. After trying my hand at this new concept of fusable piecing, I came to see how nice and much faster than paper it is.
 And I think my mother was a bit bored.  Or worried I wasn't having fun. Or both. And when it was time to take off for my afternoon run, she made a kind offer to keep working on it. It was then that I realized how cool it would be to do a quilt WITH my mother. One I could keep and cherish for years. Forgetting how crazy good this woman is at sewing, I got back two short hours later to a whole section done and trimmed.

It's my job to finish this thing on my own....I will post more as I progress.

And now my momma has gone home, after an amazing trip with many distractions, time with the grandkids, and grandkitties. Tours down to Burlington waterfront, Middlebury, and around town. 
The dogs are spoiled and a little fatter, and Greta already wonders where the crazy lady is hiding....is it that box over there?

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  1. Michelle, this is going to be beautiful. I am doing mine out of Thimbleberries fabric. I never thought about batiks for this design but it look fabulous. Can't wait to see the finished product.



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