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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our July Vacation

Ok, I know I posted Rhianna's quilt last week, and now I'm going backwards to share about our trip.

One of my "bucket list" items was to rent a house for vacation somewhere. I just figured it would be on a beach, but considering 1. how expensive it can be, and 2. that we didn't want to spend more time driving that beaching, we thought we would check out Maine.  Nope, not happening. Apparently the average water temperature in July/August is 60-65 degrees. That is WETSUIT water in my opinion.
So, a little inland, and we settled on New Hampshire.

What's in New Hampshire? Trees. Lot's of them. And Mountains. And Lakes. And OUTLET MALLS!!! I am not a shopper, but my god, are there a lot of outlets in New Hampshire. It should be renamed New Mallshire.

But back to the vacation. We rented a cute little cabin in Conroy (o, so it hasn't had a redo since the late 60s) and we were on a little swimming pond. The kids swam and found tons of fresh water clams.

We went to the outlets, and down to Center Harbor for Keepsake Quilting www.keepsakequilting.com,
took the kids go-cart racing,

went to Story Land http://www.storylandnh.com/, and drove up Mt. Washington. I can honestly say, if you want to see some amazing east coast country, and get back to outdoor vacationing, this is the place to go!

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