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Friday, March 9, 2012

Puppy Blankets

Sometime back, I received a "free" pattern in the mail, included in a buy our magazine mailer. It looked neat, and I figured it would be a great way to get rid of some of my older fabrics, the "what was I thinking" fabrics, fabrics that didn't match ANYTHING. Yeah. No. Ugly is ugly no matter what you try and do with it. And the more I worked it, the more I hated it. So I boxed up the partial UFO and figured I would send it to my mom so she could make kitty quilts for her local shelter with it.

I also, in the spirit of Bonnie Hunter, keep every little drop of fabric. Until it's too small to hold, I figure there is some use for it. I had made a quilt some time back that used a ton of sawtooth stars, and I had all those paired half square triangles. I had sewn them together, pressed them, color sorted them, and saved them for that someday project.

Move to this past week when we discovered Blue, our new pup. After the whirlwind process of adding him to our family, I realized how much I had missed rescue work, and how closed minded I was being. Just because I don't run a rescue, or foster, or volunteer directly, doesn't mean I can't help.

Walah! Dogs are color blind for the most part. They don't have much opinion past it smelling good, tasting good, or feeling good. Here ugly fabric....poof! Doggie Blankets.

I have decided for the remainder of 2012, every quilt I make, the drops will go to a doggie blanket. And between human projects, I will whittle down my uglies, and convert them into blankies for the rescue pups of Clarion Pups, PA.

 If you want to help, but don't have the time, send me your scraps, your uglies. For the pups! I will be adding a note to my website and a link on my facebook page for the cause. People get 1 million pretty pillow cases, so why can't the puppies have blankies????

 Post a comment if you want to help and I will send you a mailing address! Postage is a small price for a HUGE help!


  1. I know you said you used ugly material, but by the time you put them together they make a pretty picture, as a whole. Quit being your own worse critic.

  2. Yes momma! Coming from the woman that screams "MINE" everytime I post a new quilt....

  3. The scraps that are too small to sew can go into stuffing doggie pillows, too. That's what my guild does. Good for you for rescuing a pup!

  4. I think those "Uglies" are rather beautiful. What a good idea tho to make blankets for the shelter

  5. Where exactly are the ugly fabrics?

  6. How sweet of you to use your scraps for the pups! (And honestly, I don't think those are ugly at all! LoL) :)


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