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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zen Rose Quilt DONE!

In the spirit of Finish it Fridays (thank you Crazy Mom Quilts!!!), I got my butt in gear and finished another quilt!!! Let me just say, I was just content as could be making quilt tops and stacking them in my closet for that "day" down the road, but now that I have discovered the fun of machine quilting, watch out!!!!

~Here's my pathetic backstory~
One day in 2009, I got an email that this fabric line was on sale at Fabric.com. Not my usual choice, but I had just seen a pattern in a magazine, and it was like Karma was screaming at me. "You can do it, you can totally justify this one, you know you want to" the fabric chanted off the screen at me. So, ok, I did it. And I put my new catch in the to do drawer with the pattern. And then I moved on. Chickens, so many chickens!

Maggie likes it!
Now, jump forward to that new gorgeous machine I bought myself....and poof, I'm making quilt tops. You know it. So out comes the fabric, the pattern, and it's made. And in the new pile in the closet. Because it will take me forever to hand quilt all the quilts I have started. ~end of excuse


I pulled it out, I hemmed and hawed over how to quilt it. I tried several designs and either hated the thread choice, or couldn't see the markings because it had both light and dark fabrics. I debated refolding it, and then decided that I could do a nice Stitch-in-the-Ditch on the diagonals. Yeah. My version should really be called "TRY-tostayinthe-Ditch Stitch". But in following with another great hint I read, I used an incredibly busy fabric for the backing, so it isn't easy to spot the mistakes, and the front is so colorful, the pattern is the focus, not my stitching (thank god!).

The last attempt at creativity for this poor quilt was my binding. I had leftover backing so I cut bias strips on the diagonal so I would get a stripy effect. I made
it a 2" instead of my usual 2.5", but it gave it a very nice corded look.

 Not bad for a cloudy day on the couch quilt!!!

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